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Beautyskin's - Vascu Lyse Treatments

Beautyskin Salon offers a wide spectrum of special treatments.

These special Vascu Lyse Treatments are administered by highly qualified professional, Katarina I. Sturak.

We are constantly searching for new revolutionary treatments and the purest products currently available on the market.

Treat yourself - you deserve it!

You will not only look better you will feel better too!

Vascu Lyse Treatments

Remove imperfections of your skin with this safe, non-invasive and fast treatment.

Excellent for:

  • Vascular Blemishes
  • Skin Tags
  • Telangiectasia
  • Ruby Points
  • Couperose, etc.

Vascu Lyse Treatment is the most exciting and effective process in ridding your skin of unwanted and unpleasant skin conditions. Ask us for more details.

Very low levels of High Frequency electrical current are applied only to the surface of your skin - no penetration through the skin.

After Vascu Lyse treatment the appearance of the skin greatly improves. You will see and experience the truly amazing results.

In our Beutyskin Salon, we have professional; especially trained and certified to perform this advanced cosmetic treatment and we observe the strictest standards of hygiene.

The disposable, sterile stylus tips are used only once to insure complete safety!

Vascu Lyse treatments are almost painless. Skin reaction after the treatment is minimal and disappears after few days.

Most conditions can be successfully and permanently treated in 1 to 3 sessions.

Benefits: Small capillary vessels are responsible for cell nutrition. Their impairment can affect the appearance and function of the skin. During Vasu Luse Treatments, the damaged vessels are coagulated. In time, new healthy capillaries will regenerate, cell nutrition will resume, and the appearance of the skin greatly improves.

Vascu Lyse Treatments
30 Minutes $85

We provide COMPLIMENTARY Consultations and FREE Skin Analysis.

For appointment please call
(530) 886-8245

We are looking forward to seeing you...
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