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Active Future Cream

A treatment cream whose combination of carefully chosen ingredients gives the skin a high concentration of moisture and promotes firmness, tone and elasticity. Isoflavin a Soya extract supports cell renewal and the production of Collagen and Elastin fibres in the skin's tissue. Algae rich in important vitamins and minerals give moisture to the skin and has a regenerating function. Plant extracts from the Centella Asiatica strengthen the capillaries in the skin. With regular use of the ACTIVE FUTURE day care, your skin rapidly becomes fresher, smoother, firmer and enjoys a youthful glow and new energy and radiance. Apply in the morning on a clean skin and massage gently into the face and neck . For a more intensive effect apply the ACTIVE FUTURE SERUM before the cream. Does not contain genetically manipulated Soya.

Art. Nr. 440 | 50 ml glass pot


Active Future Serum

A light pleasant concentrated serum with a combination of carefully chosen ingredients that give the skin an intensive hydration, firmness and elasticity. Isoflavin extracted from Soya supports the cell renewal and the renewal of Collagen and the Elastin fibres in the skin's tissue. The plant extract from the Centella asiatica strengthens the capillaries in the skin. Apply mornings and evenings before your treatment cream on the face and neck. It works especially intensively in combination with the ACTIVE FUTURE CREAM. Does not contain genetically manipulated Soya.

Art. Nr. 441 | 50 ml Dispenser


Special Eye Care Cream & Special Eye Care Gel

Rich intensive care (a formulation of Aloe vera, vitamins A, B6, E and F, jojoba oil) for the most sensitive and delicate skin area around the eyes. Minimizes the appearance of fine lines and smoothes them with intensive moisturizing action. Protect against effects of environment. Apply sparingly morning and evening.

The refreshing Eye Care Gel contains eyebright and reduces puffiness, tones and soothes. Advanced care for the sensitive eye area. It minimizes eye bags and dark circles. Apply by debbing gently from the corner of the eyes outwards .

Art. Nr. 425 | 15 ml tube
Art. Nr. 424 | 15 ml tube


Herbal Care Lotion - Gentle face lotion with herbal extracts

Gentle, moisturizing lotion with rich herbal extracts. Refreshes and soothes the skin, prevents skin irritations. Apply morning and evening with cotton pad on face and neck. Also after GREEN PEELĘ treatment.

Art. Nr. 402 | 200 ml bottle


Special Regulating Cream - Special cream for mixed, oily and blemished skin

Special cream for mixed, oily, blemished skin. Antiseptic, anti-inflammatory properties. Sebaceous secretions are normalized, redness and irritation are reduced. Prevents blemishes. Apply morning and evening. Use several times daily after GREEN PEELĘ treatment.

Art. Nr. 403 | 50 ml


Special Care Cream - Special Cream for dry, sensitive skin

A unique and effective skin care for very dry, sensitive skin. The combination of extremely rich,natural oils and plant extracts (marigold, camomile, wheat protein) together with vitamins soothes the skin, leaving it both supple and refreshed. Use morning and evening. Apply several times daily after GREEN PEELĘ treatment.

Art. Nr. 404 | 50 ml tube


Blemish Balm - Special treatment for irritated, red, blemished skin

Special skin care preparation forirritated, red, blemished skin with enlarged pores. Its soothing, masking, antimicrobial properties alleviate redness and irritation and promote a return to normal skin function. Apply thin layer morning and evening to problem areas. Apply several times a day after GREEN PEELĘ treatment. Soothing preparation ideal for concealing skin blemishes. Excellent for use as make-up base.

Art. Nr. 405 | 30 ml tube


Gel Super Purifiant - Active astringent gel

Gel Super Purifiant is an extraordinarily active astringent, antibacterial efficacious for the treatment of blemished skin. Helps tighten pores. After cleansing mix pea sized gel with little water and apply to skin. Wash off after 2 - 3 minutes with generous tepid water.

Art. Nr. 406 | 50 ml


Revitalan Mask - Moisturizing, regenerating, vitalizing mask

A moisturizing, regenerating, vitalizing cream face mask for tired skin with poor circulation and tendency to wrinkles. Wrinkles and fine lines appear smoother, skin regains youthful firmness. Natural oils (wheat germ and avocado oils) and plant extracts (ginseng, horsetail and Aloe vera) combined with vitamins A and E and ceramides provide a complete skin care routine and protect the skin against harmful environmental influences. Apply a thin layer up to the eye area. After 10 minutes massage remaining traces and wipe off rest with tissue. May also be used as make-up base.

Art. Nr. 407 | 50 ml tube


Super Beauty Mask - Firming peel-off mask

Peel-off mask with a well-balanced combination of various active ingredients (algae, Aloe vera, allantoin, vitamin B6 and panthenol) leaves the skin refreshed, radiant and relaxed. The skin looks fresher, clear and supple, wrinkles are minimized. Efficacy can be enhanced by an ampoule enriched with active ingredients or a cream before the mask. Apply thin even layer to face and neck, avoiding eye area. Leave on for 20 minutes and remove mask by rolling the mask upwards. Tone with face lotion and protect with day cream.

Art. Nr. 408 | 50 ml tube


Skin Elixier - Beauty fluid for very dry, demanding skin

This highly effective beauty fluid restores vitality to tired, exhausted, dehydrated skin. Reduces wrinkles and fine lines. Active substances such as wheat germ extracts, jojoba oil, Aloe vera, vitamins E, A, C and B6, panthenol and allantoin have a potentiating, complementary action. They keep moisture and fight free radicals. Leaves the skin smooth, supple and refreshed with the radiance of youth. Apply a few drops morning and evening with circular movements.

Art. Nr. 409 | 30 ml Dispenser
Art. Nr. 410 | 50 ml Dispenser


Super Soft Cleanser - A gentle, effective cleanser for dry, sensitive skin

Natural oils (avocado and jojoba oil) and plant extracts (liquorice, marigold and wheat proteins) leave the skin refreshed and supple, neutral pH-value. Apply with circular movements, morning and evening, to the face and neck. Wash off with tepid water.

Art. Nr. 412 | 200 ml bottle


Deep Pore Cleanser - Cleansing milk for normal to oily skin

Thoroughly cleansing the skin without drying out. The witch-hazel extract has an adstingent, compensatory effect. Other active ingredients leave the skin smooth and supple. Apply morning and evening to the face and neck with circular movements. Remove with tepid water.

Art. Nr. 413 | 200 ml


Super Rich Tonic - Rich, mild tonic to refresh and revitalize the skin

Natural extracts of liquorice-root, marigold, Aloe vera, St. John's wort and algae combined with panthenol and allantoin increase the moisture content of the skin. Leaves the skin feeling soft and supple. Long-lasting effect. Apply morning and evening after cleansing to face and neck with cotton pad or during the day.

Art. Nr. 414 | 200 ml


Energy Ceramide Cream - Night cream for dry, sensitive, demanding skin

Rich night cream for dry, sensitive, demanding skin. Natural treating oils, extracts of evening primrose oil, o-bisabolol, panthenol and ceramides delay skin ageing, reduce fine lines and wrinkles caused by dryness, soothe and enhance the ability of the skin to store moisture. After cleansing apply with gentle, circular movements to face and neck. Can also be used as treatment cure.

Art. Nr. 416 | 50 ml


Liposome Silk Cream - Night treatment for mature, dry, demanding skin

Rich night care preparation for mature, dry, demanding skin. Protects against premature ageing and wrinkle formation. Rich silk proteins, liposomes and Aloe vera improve and stabilize moisture binding, leaving the skin refreshed and supple with the radiance of youth. Apply to face and neck in the evening after cleansing.

Art. Nr. 417 | 50 ml


Repair Cream - Cream for demanding skin

A rich skin care for demanding skin requiring special care. Unique natural oils, vitamins, plant extracts and an active moisturizing complex guarantee optimal care with excellent treatment when used regularly. Tired, stressed skin will be refreshed, well-balanced and supple. For all skin types. Apply morning and evening to face and neck after cleansing.

Art. Nr. 418 | 50 ml


Day & Night Active Cream - 24-hour treatment for all skin types

The 24-hour treatment for all skin types comprises rich, natural lipid components, vitamins and a high content of moisture-retaining substances. These soothing active substances moisturize the skin and protect against premature ageing. Regular use supports and retains elasticity, leaving the skin supple and protected. Used at night, it gives the skin tangible recuperation. Apply to face and neck, morning and evening, after cleansing.

Art. Nr. 419 | 50 ml glass pot


Enzyme Regulating Cream - Special care for oily, blemished skin

Special skin care for oily, blemished skin. Will diminish blemishes and prevent new ones. Removes devitalized cells with the help of enzymes. Stabilizes, refines, soothes the skin and regulates the moisture. Leaves the skin perceptibly clearer. Apply morning and evening after cleansing.

Art. Nr. 420 | 50 ml


Hydro Aktive Mask - Refreshing, moisturizing mask

The Hydro Active Mask improves the moisture content of the skin by a moisturizing complex and its high content of rich, soothing, active substances, natural oils, plant ceramides and soy proteins. It leaves the skin refreshed, revitalized and minimizes fine lines and wrinkles. Apply 1-2 times a week to face and neck after thorough cleansing. Remove any excess with a tissue after 10-15 minutes.

Art. Nr. 422 | 100 ml tube


Perfect Skin Peeling - Mild facial skin peeling

An especially mild facial peeling. Finest jojoba wax globules remove unwanted sebum and devitalized cells, leaving the skin refined, stimulated and smooth and more absorbent for subsequent skin care routines. Camomile and algae extracts with a combined anti-inflammatory ingredient soothe and protect the skin. Apply a sufficient quantity to cleansed skin and massage with circular movements. Wash off with generous tepid water after a few minutes. Use 1-2 times a week.

Art. Nr. 423 | 50 ml tube


Daily Hydra Force - moisturiser with SPF 15

This light multi-active fluid moisturises the skin intensively, smoothing dryness lines and contributing to well-being and multiple protection. Vitamins A and F in combination with the sun protection factor help to protect the skin from negative environmental influences (such as free radicals, UV radiation) at the same time counteracting premature skin ageing. Soy bean proteins, vitamin A and marine collagen help to improve the skinķs structure and elasticity. The fluid gives your skin a natural shade of colour covering minor imperfections, the complexion will appear more even. The skin will appear youthfully radiant, it looks relaxed and smooth, fresh and luminous.

Art. Nr. 426 | 50 ml Dispenser


Green Peel herbal peeling

The natural source for a new, refreshed, smooth and pure skin.
This original method according to Dr. med. Christine Schrammek-Drusio is a

  • natural
  • medically developed
  • pure plant ingredients based
  • and for 30 years worldwide successfully applied method to peel off the skin.

GREEN PEELĘ is successfully applied in case of

  • sagging face contours
  • wrinkled, sun damaged skin
  • impure skin
  • slackened skin on upper arms, thighs and tummy
  • scars
  • cellulite
  • stretch marks

GREEN PEELĘ is used in over 1600 beauty institutes in Germany and worldwide in over 40 countries.

This method can only be conducted by a qualified beautician authorized by us. Ask your beautician.

Art. Nr. 500 | 50 g and 30 g