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Gentlemen are welcome in Beautyskin Salon

Our treatments are customized for your individual skin type, condition, level of sun damage and your special needs.

Stress can by a major cause of aging.
Body Treatments, Massages and Facials are great way to relieve stress and to slow the aging process.

Our treatments cleanse your skin and our relaxing atmosphere helps relieve your stress.

Back Treatment

Whether you are men or women you can improve your back by trying Beautyskin's detoxifying Back Treatment. Each treatment is customized according to your skin type and your special needs, using the highest quality products.

Our Back Treatment begins with deep cleansing and steam to open the pores. Cleansing is followed by an organic exfoliating scrub, which helps your body to get rid of dead skin cells. Extractions are also made when needed. Then special organic detoxifying mask is applied to further draw out impurities and toxins.

Back Treatment is concluded with a light massage of back (depending on skin condition) and also massage of shoulders, using massage cream specifically customized with organic Essential Oils.

Back Treatment
90 Minutes $95

Exfoliating Treatment

We use a light peeling solution to exfoliate the damaged and aging skin, making it smoother with a radiant glow. Thorough cleansing, exfoliating, steaming and moisturizing are included. This treatment reveals a healthier and fresher skin surface.

For the optimal benefit recommended in a series.

Exfoliating Treatment can be added to any Facial.

Exfoliating Treatment
30 Minutes $45
More than 1 Treatment
$40 / each

The personal touch found in the Beautyskin Salon will not only enhance the appearance of your skin but will leave you feeling renewed and totally relaxed!

We provide COMPLIMENTARY Consultations and FREE Skin Analysis.

For appointment please call
(530) 886-8245

We are looking forward to seeing you...

Gentlemen's Facial

Gentlemen are welcome in Beautyskin Salon. Our invigorating Gentlemen's Facial is designed especially for men and it includes thorough cleansing, exfoliating and revitalizing of the face. Extractions are made when needed. Then, organic treatment mask customized for your individual skin type is applied. This is followed by face, shoulders, neck and scalp massage. Facial is completed with moisturizer and sun protection cream. Complimentary hair trim of ears, nose and eyebrows is available per request.

Gentlemen's Facial
90 Minutes $95

Gentlemen's Sport Waxing

Do you want to gain the edge over your competition? Do you want to enhance your muscle definition? Or you just want to get rid of unwanted hair?

We can help! Beautyskin is offering fast and very efficient hair removal for the whole body, which can last up to 3 weeks.
We use only high quality natural waxes to ensure the most effective results.

Gentlemen's Full Back - Waxing from the bottom neckline to the waistline, including shoulders.

Gentlemen's Full Back
from $125 +

Gentlemen's Upper Back - Waxing from the mid-back to the bottom neckline. Does not include shoulders.

Gentlemen's Upper Back
from $55 +

Gentlemen's Lower Back - Waxing from the mid-back to the waistline.

Gentlemen's Lower Back
from $55 +

Gentlemen's Shoulders - Waxing of the whole sholders area.

Gentlemen's Shoulders
from $35 +

Gentlemen's Full Arms - Waxing arms from the shoulders down, including hands.

Gentlemen's Full Arms
from $65 +

Gentlemen's Chest - Waxing of the upper torso area. Does not include stomach.

Gentlemen's Chest
from $55 +

Gentlemen's Full Stomach - Waxing of the complete stomach area. Does not include chest.

Gentlemen's Full Stomach
from $30 +

Gentlemen's Full Legs - Waxing of full legs, including toes.

Gentlemen's Full Legs
from $95 +

Gentlemen's Upper Legs - Waxing from the knees up.

Gentlemen's Upper Legs
from $55 +

Gentlemen's Lower Legs - Waxing from the knees to the ankles, including toes.

Gentlemen's Lower Legs
from $55 +

Treat yourself - you deserve it!
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