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Beautyskin's - Botanical Treatments

French MK Cellectronic (PBE) Botanical programs include several treatments that provide immediate and long lasting results while being pleasant and relaxing experiences. French MK Cellectronic also provides a support Botanical product line.

These NEW revolutionary Botanical Treatments combine botanical principles of specific plants with low frequency and low intensity of non-thermal micro-currents. This allows stimulation of skin cells and helps lymphatic drainage.

During these Botanical Treatments your skin is cleaned, nourished and toned. The results are immediate, visible and long-lasting. The revitalized skin regains and keeps its radiance.

Administered by highly qualified professional, Katarina I. Sturak, these Botanical Treatments comprise three phases:

During this phase, skin cells are stimulated, expel toxins, re-establish potassium-sodium exchange and re-oxygenate. Toxins, black heads, and impurities are eliminated. The skin is moisturized and cleansed.

The previous deep cleansing and toxin elimination allows the botanical proteins and nutrients to penetrate rapidly and efficiently throughout the skin.

During this phase, the most dramatic and noticeable changes are seen.

The outlines of the face are slowly remodeled, strengthened, and naturally lifted.

Acne Treatment

Reveal your beauty through plants and energy!

French new revolutionary cleansing Acne Treatment combines botanical principles of specific plants with low frequency and low intensity of non-thermal micro currents.

This detoxifying treatment is all natural and is more efficient than aggressive methods using chemical or mechanical agents.

Acne Treatment is specifically design to solve challenging cases of acne, even cases of severe and most persistent acne.

During this gentle Acne Treatment your face is thoroughly cleansed and treated in three phases:

  • Phase 1: Detoxication
  • Phase 2: Nutrition
  • Phase 3: Tonification
Your cleansed and revitalized skin quickly regains and then keeps its radiance. The results are immediate, visible and long lasting. After Acne Treatment, make-up and protective sunscreen can be applied immediately.

For optimal results this treatment is recommended in a series. Then, should be followed by maintenance treatments as needed. We also recommend home use of botanical product line, which will even further enhance the skin's healthier condition.

Acne Treatment
90 Minutes $95
More than 1 Treatment
$90 / each

Beautyskin Salon offers to their clients botanical:
  • Acne Treatment
  • Non-Surgical Face Lift
  • (PBE) Botanical Product Line
MK Cellectronic - Skin Care Products

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